Ice Cream Manufacture

Step one within the manufacture of ice cream entails collection of substances. The objects could also be labeled as dairy and non-dairy substances. The dairy objects embody candy cream, frozen cream, plastic cream, unsalted butter, butteroil, complete milk, complete milk powder, condensed complete milk and evaporated milk. The non-dairy objects embody sugar (cane sugar, beet sugar and corn sugar), stabilizers (gelatin or sodium alginate), emulsifiers (glycerol monostearate), flavours (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, banana and many others), colors (yellow, inexperienced, pink relying on the flavours), egg solids, fruits and nuts (apple, banana, mango, grape, almond, pistachio, cashew, walnut and many others.).

The second step is figuring the combination. Though information of calculation is required for manufacturing ice cream with high quality that adheres to the authorized requirements, it’s certainly straightforward to determine the combination by easy strategies. For E.g. To make 1 litre ice cream combine that meets the authorized necessities, the next substances are required.


  • Complete milk – 1 litre
  • Skim Milk Powder – 70 g
  • Butter – 100 g
  • Cane sugar – 220 g
  • Gelatin – 8 g
  • Glycerol Mono Stearate – 6 g
  • Vanilla focus – Q.S

Making the combination


Care needs to be exercised whereas deciding on the dairy in addition to non dairy substances as they decide the standard of the last word finish product i.e. ice cream. Take the milk in a container and permit it to be heated. When the temperature of milk is round 50°C, stable substances like skim milk powder, butter (lower in to small items) and sugar are added slowly in order to utterly incorporate them within the sizzling milk. Gelatin and glycerol monosterate (GMS) are ideally blended collectively and heated individually in minimal amount of water until their dissolution and added in to the recent milk. The pasteurization of ice cream combine entails heating it to 68.5°C for 30 min or 80°C for 25 sec.

Homogenization of ice cream combine is a necessary step within the manufacturing course of. It’s normally finished at temperatures from 63-77°C in a two stage homogenizer; the primary stage working at 2500 psi and the second at 500 psi. Homogenization helps in lowering the scale of the fats globules to 2 microns or much less. It helps in stopping the fats separation throughout ageing, imparts smoother texture to product, improves whipping capacity, reduces ageing interval and reduces the amount of stabilizer required.

Cooling and ageing of the ice cream combine

Ice cream combine is cooled to 0-5°C instantly after homogenization and it’s held at this temperature for 3 to 4 hours within the ageing tanks. Ageing of the ice cream combine just isn’t required when sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer. Ageing improves the physique and texture of the ice cream, will increase melting resistance and improves most over run.

Freezing the combination

After finishing the ageing course of, the ice cream combine is subjected to freezing in a batch freezer or steady ice cream freezer. Usually colors and flavours are added to the aged ice cream combine simply earlier than transferring the identical in to the freezer or they are often added immediately in to the freezer. Within the freezing chamber, the ice cream combine is shortly frozen whereas being repeatedly agitated to include air in a fashion to supply and management the formation of enormous variety of small ice crystals which is able to present clean physique and texture, palatability and desired over run within the completed finish product. When the ice cream is frozen to the required consistency, it’s transferred to the packages of desired sizes and instantly positioned in chilly storage rooms.

Through the chilly storage course of, freezing and hardening is accomplished. The temperature of hardening is round -20°C. The softy ice cream is normally drawn from the freezer at round -7°C. Nature of freezing is essential in freezing course of. It’s at all times fascinating to freeze the combination in a steady freezer quite than in batch freezer as the previous accomplishes the duty inside a couple of seconds whereas the latter does it in 5-10 min.

Overrun in ice cream

Overrun, expressed as proportion, is mostly outlined as the amount of ice cream obtained in extra of the amount of the ice cream combine. The surplus quantity consists primarily of the air integrated throughout the freezing course of. The over run as a result of air supplies correct physique, texture and palatability important to a superb high quality product. An excessive amount of and too little amount of air incorporation will have an effect on the physique, texture and palatability. The softy ice cream, ice cream packaged in bulk and retail packed ice cream may have over run of 30-50%, 90-100% and 70-80% respectively.

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