How to Look After Your Snap on Smile?

As having a Hollywood smile is becoming popular, cosmetic dentistry keeps on coming up with ways to improve the quality of our smile. One of the things offered by cosmetic dentistry is the Snap-on Smile. It is intended for those who cannot spend for other cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth bleaching, having Snap on veneers, or wearing implants.

Snap-on Smile is a set of teeth made of a thin resin material and is snapped onto the natural teeth giving one the appearance of a beautiful set of teeth, thus the name Snap-on Smile. It requires minimal maintenance and can last for a maximum of three to five years with proper use and care. Of course there are proper ways to take care of your Snap-on Smile, and here are a few tips and advices to do just that:

– If worn for the first time and the fit seems a bit too tight, just leave it on for about 15 minutes and it will stretch and make the necessary adjustments on its own to fit correctly on your natural teeth.

– Snap-on smile can be worn everyday but must be removed at night. Use the protective case provided to store it when not in use.

– It can be worn even when eating but avoid eating hard food like chicken bones and tough meat.

– Brush it, as well as the natural teeth, after every meal and before going to sleep. Use a soft brush to clean its surface.

– Do not wear it on top of a decayed tooth. Have a different cosmetic dentistry procedure to correct the problem before using Snap-on Smile.

– To prevent it from breaking, remove it using both hands by gently rocking the appliance in a side to side motion.

– Do not squeeze or bend Snap-on Smile. Avoid placing your Snap-on Smile where it can be put under such stress as to squeeze or bend it.

And there you have it. Just follow these simple tips and other common care procedures and you’ll never need another cosmetic dentistry procedure or gadget again.

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